Iyanya's illiteracy in the legal and business side cost him some money

A 2013 President Barack Obama Fellow, Omololu Omotosho, has shared his thoughts about the recent feud between former partners, Iyanya and Ubi Franklin.
According to Omotosho, 'I watched both interviews that Iyanya and Ubi Franklin granted the media where they both made assertions against one another. My take is that Ubi Franklin, who has a legal background, cheated Iyanya. Iyanya's illiteracy in the legal and business side cost him some money.' 
During the interview that Ubi Franklin granted, Ubi Franklin asserted numerous times that Iyanya suggested he wanted nothing to do with the "business side" of music but the same Ubi Franklin decisively suggested that Iyanya was hungry for financial success when they both decided to work together. This is the most ridiculous contradiction I have heard from a lawyer and businessman.
Why will an upcoming artist say he wanted nothing to do with the business side of music? 
Everyone knows upcoming artists want financial success. The "business side" is how artistes get paid so even if Iyanya stated that to Ubi Franklin at the beginning of their partnership, Iyanya was obviously ignorant of the legal consequences of his words.
Iyanya interview
Iyanya said in an interview on The Juice that Ubi Franklin removed his name as a co-owner of TripleMG, thereby registering the company only in his name without telling him until he discovered all by himself.
Iyanya who was quite emotional in the interview revealed the things he passed through in the hands of Ubi, he revealed that the pictures Ubi posted on Instagram are documents of 2016 when he forced him to settle, he is now demanding that he releases that of 2012 when the company was formed if truly he is innocent.
In response to Iyanya's allegation
Ubifranklintriplemg desk responded in a statement stating that;
It’s very unfortunate that A person I took as my brother had to lie to the world to make himself look good. Always wait for both sides of the story to call people names. Here is to prove that iyanya Lied to make himself look good. Ubi franklin continued by saying that he has never fought anyone I have worked with dated or married publicly and I swore never to do that. We try to settle things in house and if that can’t happen we call on elders to mediate, it has always worked.
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