Meet Orunmila Jogbodo Oluwo, The Educated ?Babalawo? (Native Doctor)

The photos of a clean and educated Babalawo(Native Doctor) identified as Orunmila Jogbodo Oluwo, has gone viral on Facebook.

Facebook user Adekunle Al Miftau Adeite, who countered Nollywood stereotypes of native doctors with photos of the clean and educated Babalawo, wrote;


Nollywood’s stereotype of Babaláwo is a dirty raggedy human being. Let’s puncture that. This young man is not just a babaláwo, he’s an Oluwo. Clean. Neat. Educated.
Aboru Aboye Orunmila Jogbodo Oluwo.

A quick check on his Facebook page revealed that he studied linguistics at the University of Ibadan, and also has a large following on the platform.

As an Oluwo, my purpose is to help people to heal. Regardless of how difficult or stubborn a person is. Many people believe that they can outsmart Ifa or Babalawo. What they fail to understand is that they hurt themselves and their progress. I share this to say, that all of you that are working hard to help people. Don’t get discouraged, the broom of Ifa will always sweep away the hypocrites.

“People should see this guy called pastor Sunday nwaoga akpenchi asking me to make him rich after we will still post nonsense on my post on Facebook, the ancestors have arrested him today, this year shall be the of exposure to all this evil man of God,I see.

If you are the so-called man of God and you want me to work for you no need to come close to my post just pick my #and call me.”

More photos below;