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New Tom Cotton book spotlights what senator calls ‘Left’s Plot to Sabotage American Power’

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EXCLUSIVE: Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas charges that Democratic Presidents Barack Obama and Joe Biden “have weakened America and emboldened our enemies” in a new book being released in the autumn.Cotton, an Army veteran who served in combat in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, a rising star in the GOP, and potential 2024 presidential contender, announced on Monday in an appearance on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” and in this Fox Digital report that his new book is titled “Only the Strong: Reversing the Left’s Plot to Sabotage American Power,” and will release on Nov. 15.”If it seems to you that Barack Obama and Joe Biden have weakened America and emboldened our enemies, you’re not alone. But Senator Cotton explains that their failures aren’t just incompetence or bad luck — it’s decline by design,” reads a description of the book in a release by the publisher, Twelve Books, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing, which is a division of Hachette Book Group.COTTON TAKES AIM AT BIDEN ADMNIISTRATION OVER AFGHANISTAN
Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas will release a new book in November titled “Only the Strong: Reversing the Left’s Plot to Sabotage American Power.”
(Twelve Books, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing, which is a division of Hachette Book Group.)In the book, the senator argues that starting with then-President Woodrow Wilson over a century ago, Democrats “abandoned the American tradition of strength, pride, and honor.”COTTON CALLS FOR DECOUPLING U.S. ECONOMY FROM CHINAAnd according to the publishers, Cotton will claim that “Democrats have sold out America’s sovereignty and hollowed out our military to restrain American power. Even when Democrats have acted tough, it usually ends in disaster, from John Kennedy’s debacle at the Bay of Pigs to Bill Clinton’s fiasco in Mogadishu to Joe Biden’s humiliating retreat from Afghanistan.”The publishers say that Cotton will also offer “a timely warning of the dangers ahead” and will provide what’s described as “a formidable and urgent roadmap to restore American strength before it’s too late.”
Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) speaks during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on the conclusion of military operations in Afghanistan and plans for future counterterrorism operations on Capitol Hill, on Sept. 28, 2021 in Washington D.C.
(Patrick Semansky)A source close to Cotton, who sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee and the Select Committee on Intelligence, tells Fox News Digital that senator “conceived the book” in the days following last summer’s heavily criticized turbulent U.S. withdrawal and evacuation from Afghanistan.COTTON’S PUSH TO HELP REPUBLICANS IN 2022 COULD PAY DIVIDENDS IN 2024″He gets asked a lot about the dangers we face and why Obama and Biden are so weak,” the source told Fox Digital. “As a senator, combat veteran, and student of history, he’s uniquely positioned to explain that the Democrats don’t just make mistakes or have bad luck—they oppose American power and have wanted to constrain America from the beginning. Senator Cotton not only tells the story of how the Democrats got us here, but also how we can restore our strength before it’s too late.”The book is the second written by Cotton, whom pundits view as a possible 2024 candidate.
Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas sits down for an interview with Fox News at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, in Goffstown, N.H. on Dec. 3, 2021
(Fox News)Cotton, who faced nominal opposition as he easily won reelection in 2020 in heavily red Arkansas, has crisscrossed the country last year and this year, helping fellow Republicans running in November’s midterm elections. And he’s made numerous stops in Iowa and New Hampshire, the first two states to vote in the GOP’s presidential nominating calendar.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPBut the senator demurs when asked about 2024.”I’m not making any decision right now about the future. The election that’s looking at us right in our windshield is the 2022 election,” Cotton told Fox News in December during a stop in New Hampshire.



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