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Sens. Schumer, Gillibrand join pro-choice NYC protests, call for Senate to codify Roe into law

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The New York City branch of the pro-choice “Bans off Our Bodies” march featured speeches from prominent politicians and clear unhappiness with at least one Democrat senator. The “Bans Off Our Bodies” event, organized by a coalition of groups including Planned Parenthood and the Women’s March on the National Mall in DC, is part of a nationwide day of action to push back against states imposing restrictions on abortion. Numerous cities across the country will also hold rallies, including Chicago, Dallas and others.WATCH LIVE: THOUSANDS GATHER TO RALLY FOR ABORTION PROTECTIONS IN DCSens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, both D-NY, joined Saturday’s march in New York City and chanted “Stand Up, Fight Back” to protect abortion rights, as well as “Hands Off Our Bodies.” The protests started up as a response to the leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion that indicated the justices stand poised to overturn decades of precedent recognizing abortion access as part of the constitutional right to privacy. ‘BANS OFF OUR BODIES’ ABORTION RIGHTS MARCH IN WASHINGTON DCSchumer said he wasn’t doing any more interviews, Gillibrand said it was important to establish “how politicized the Supreme Court has been,” starting with documenting previous statements by the court to the effect that the court has referred to Roe v. Wade as “established precedent,” which the court has stressed should be given “weight and due respect.” “We should establish that this Supreme Court, particularly the five justices that support this decision, purposefully misled the Senate in their confirmation process, and I think that then establishes that the Supreme Court has become over-politicized and dysfunctional,” Gillibrand told Fox News Digital. AG GARLAND HAS AUTHORITY TO SAY ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’: FORMER DOJ PROSECUTORGillibrand said that she will not accept a Supreme Court ruling that overturns Roe, and that she would help fight to reverse that decision “by law” and codify Roe. She added that the recently-formed bill that seeks to codify Roe says nothing of limits but stressed that the bill would simply seek to codify Roe and Casey v Planned Parenthood “as interpreted by the court.” New York City Mayor Eric Adams when asked if he supported limits to abortion told Fox News Digital, “No, I think that women should have a right to choose for their bodies, men should not have the right to choose how women treat their bodies.” CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPOne of the most notable chants from NYC protestors was that “Joe Manchin has got to go,” with some calls for Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, to leave as well for helping to sink the attempt to codify Roe into law. 



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