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DeSantis slams WHCA and calls Trevor Noah’s claim about him during dinner a ‘lie’

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Monday that despite repeated comments by Trevor Noah during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner Saturday night in which the comedian said DeSantis was in attendance, this was a “lie” and he had no interest in the event.Noah made several jokes at DeSantis’s expense during his performance, saying at one point that “Ron DeSantis is here,” and looking into the audience as if he was directing his attention at the governor himself.WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENTS’ DINNER RETURNS AFTER TWO-YEAR HIATUS”I would never attend that. I have no interest in that,” DeSantis said, when asked about Noah’s comments during a Monday news conference. “I did not watch it, I don’t care what they do, but for them to advertise me when that invitation was rejected by my office, that is a lie.”DeSantis went on to slam the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) as a whole for “saying how important they are, that they are somehow these paragons of truth, and yet there they are lying about something that is readily verifiable.” BIDEN RETURNS TO WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENTS DINNER – HERE ARE THE PITFALLS OF PRESIDENTIAL HUMORNoah’s jokes about DeSantis began with one about his rumored presidential aspirations.”One of my favorites, Ron DeSantis is here. Oh man, I’m actually surprised that he found the time,” Noah said while pointing into the crowd, as if in the governor’s direction. “You know he’s been so busy trying to outmaneuver Trump for 2024. I see you Ron. I see you, player.” Noah again pointed at the same spot in the crowd upon delivering that punchline. Following another joke about DeSantis, Noah again pointed in the same direction and said, “I see you, Ron.”During another joke in which he compared DeSantis to former President Donald Trump, Noah again turned in the same direction and, as if speaking directly to DeSantis, said, “You’re smarter than him, you’re slicker than him, you can walk down ramps.”After yet another joke about DeSantis, Noah again pointed in the same direction and said, “My man!”CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPDeSantis blasted the WHCA for going along with this.”The idea that I would have ever gone is false, and why they would want to try to perpetuate a lie about that, I don’t know,” he said. “But I think it just shows you why that cabal of people in D.C., New York are so reviled by so many Americans. I think it’s a reputation that’s been well deserved.”



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