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Rudy Giuliani unmasked on ‘Masked Singer’

Giuliani’s appearance on the show comes as no surprise. Back in February, it was reported that two judges had walked off during the taping of the episode after Giuliani was unmasked.The drama in the episode that aired was far more subdued. After Giuliani was revealed as the person inside the Jack in the Box costume, judge Robin Thicke said, “This is definitely something I never would have guessed.” Giuliani said in an interview with host Nick Cannon that he decided to come on the show to be an example for his granddaughter. “I want her to know you should try everything — even things that are completely unlike you and unlikely — and I couldn’t think of anything more unlike me or unlikely than this,” he said. Judge Ken Jeong was shown standing with his arms crossed during the interview, and walked away while Giuliani was still on stage giving a farewell performance of “Bad to the Bone.” “I’m done,” Jeong said as he exited. “The Masked Singer” airs Wednesdays on Fox.



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