Saturday, December 3, 2022
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GM partners with Pure Watercraft to build electric boats

Everything is going electric. Cars, delivery vans, buses, garbage trucks and more are rapidly moving to a battery-powered future. With the technology going mainstream, the EV revolution is also making waves in the world of boating. General Motors recently invested $150 million in Seattle-based start-up Pure Watercraft, taking a 25% stake in the company. And several other upstarts are working to bring their own electric boats to market.The introduction of zero-emission watercraft is significant. Boat engines can be big polluters. And electric systems are more efficient than their internal combustion counterparts. “An electric motor is built for this. It’s efficient at every RPM, full torque at zero RPM, right when it starts up. This is exactly what electric motors are good at” says Andy Rebele, founder and CEO of Pure Watercraft.Watch the video to learn about how the electric vehicle revolution is taking shape in the world of boating.



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