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How Educators Can Use Their Newfound Tech & Teaching Skills To Improve Instruction

We’ll take a hard look at what the increases in technology availability and teacher tech skills have meant in the classroom, and how these newfound skills can be used to improve instruction. A panel of educators will offer takeaways and tangible tips for educators at all levels.We’ll unpack these questions:
What strategies honed during virtual, or hybrid learning have become especially popular, and which pandemic teaching techniques seem to be going by the wayside?How can teachers build on the skills they mastered during the pandemic without burning out?And how can schools help students recover academically from the pandemic while also meeting their significant social-and-emotional needs?The pandemic has been hugely disruptive for students’ academic learning, mental health, and more. But one of the few silver linings of the crisis has been that schools were able to purchase a record amount of new technology and teachers across the country got a lot more familiar both with those devices and new strategies for instruction.That’s helped put a well-timed jolt into classroom instruction, with nearly half of educators—46 percent—surveyed by the Education Week Research Center earlier this year saying that teachers’ new facility with technology has been highly beneficial for teaching and learning. Nearly a third said the increased focus on digital teaching skills has prompted them to try new tools and strategies.



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