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Disability & BIPOC Youth in the Week of the Young Child

During the Week of the Young Child and Autism Acceptance Month, join us for a candid conversation on health and education equity, and the disparities amongst young children of color.The pandemic disproportionately affected children and adults with disabilities and their families–especially those in communities of color. We’ll address this impact and discuss solutions for the inequalities in education, healthcare, and the social determinants of health that existed before the pandemic.Easterseals Intersection Collective: Disability + BIPOC Youth is an effort to advocate, develop more effective, culturally appropriate programming, and research to support youth (from cradle to college or career) at the intersection of race and disability. Our goal is to close the gaps in educational attainment, health and social wellbeing, and equitable access to opportunity as we elevate the cultural competence of parents, educators, advocates, and practitioners that love and support students of color with disabilities through advocacy and action.



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