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Christie Brinkley says gratitude is her secret to aging gracefully: ‘That’s what is going to define you’

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Christie Brinkley’s secret to aging gracefully? Focusing on what you’re most grateful for.The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit veteran revealed how gratitude and her energy have helped her stay vital as a sought-after model.”I think ageism is one of the last frontiers,” the 68-year-old told PEOPLE (the TV Show!) on Wednesday. “We have been constantly expanding our ideas of beauty and opening our arms to embrace all shapes and sizes and ethnicities and preferences.””When I came into this business, it was a very narrow idea of what was beautiful,” she continued. “But age is the last thing that is pretty hard to sell.”CHRISTIE BRINKLEY SPEAKS OUT AGAINST AGEISM: IT ‘GNAWS AWAY AT ONE’S CONFIDENCE’
Christie Brinkley is a mom to Alexa Ray Joel, 36, from her marriage to Billy Joel. She is also mom to daughter Sailor Lee Brinkley-Cook, 23, from her marriage to Peter Cook, as well as son Jack Brinkley, 26, from her marriage to Richard Taubman.
(Photo by Bruce Glikas/WireImage)Brinkley shared that these days, she chooses to focus on being grateful for her achievements, as opposed to fighting against the hands of time.”It all has to do with your spirit and the energy that you deliver, that you bring into the room with you,” said Brinkley. “That’s what is going to define you. Forget anti-aging this and all of that. It’s really about gratitude. And when you find something to be grateful about in whatever situation you’re in, and wherever you may find yourself, that translates to happiness, and happiness and good energy that you can share with other people.”Back in April 2021, Brinkley told Fox News Digital she hoped her latest swimsuit snaps, which often go viral, will inspire other women to celebrate themselves – no matter their age.CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER
Christie Brinkley (center) with her daughters Alexa Ray Joel (left) and Sailor Brinkley-Cook (right).
(Reuters)”I post these pictures because I hear from women my age all the time that say, ‘Thank you for changing the way people think about the numbers,’” Brinkley said at the time. “Back in the day, numbers represented something. I remember people thinking that after 30, you should never wear your hair past your shoulders or your hemline needed to hover your knee caps.””I’ve always found those rules so limiting,” she shared. “Everybody’s different, everybody’s unique. But it’s like telling a gymnast she can’t do flips past a certain age. It doesn’t make sense. If you’ve got great legs, show them. If there’s something about yourself that you really love, celebrate that. Don’t be controlled by those numbers.”CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP
Christie Brinkley’s swimsuit snaps have gone viral.
(Reuters)Brinkley also insisted she doesn’t step on a scale.”I have my honest jeans tell me the truth,” she explained. “I’ll try those on to see where I’m at. If I fit in those, I feel good. And when they’re too tight, it’s OK, too. At first, I was a little surprised because I’ve been wearing a lot of sweatpants. But for me, it’s smaller portions and a little more exercise. And I choose to focus on counting my blessings because once you start realizing all the things in your life that you’re grateful for, it becomes no big whoop.”



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