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Barr recalls yelling at Trump over Hunter Biden in last conversation before 2020 election

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Former Attorney General Bill Barr revealed that his last conversation with former President Trump before the 2020 election was a heated exchange that resulted in the two men not talking for weeks.In his upcoming book, “One Damn Thing After Another,” Barr recalled that in October 2020, Trump called soon after a Newsmax segment on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Reports about the computer revolved around emails that appeared to connect Joe Biden to his son’s business dealings when the elder Biden was vice president.IN NEW BOOK, BILL BARR SAYS MUELLER WAS ‘THE WRONG PERSON TO INVESTIGATE’ RUSSIA; PROBE HAD ‘GLARING OMISSION’”You know this stuff from Hunter Biden’s laptop?” Trump asked Barr, according to the book.”Mr. President, I can’t talk about that, and I am not going to,” Barr recalled replying “sharply.” Hunter Biden had already been under investigation by then, and the attorney general was not about to discuss the case. According to the book, Trump did not appreciate Barr’s tone.
Attorney General William Barr speaks during a news conference at the Department of Justice in Washington, Dec. 21, 2020.
(Michael Reynolds/EPA/Bloomberg via Getty Images)”You know, if that was one of my kids,” Trump began before Barr quickly cut him off.”Dammit, Mr. President, I am not going to talk to you about Hunter Biden. Period!” Barr fired back, voice raised.FORMER HUNTER BIDEN BUSINESS PARTNER SENTENCED TO PRISON FOR ROLE IN SCHEME TO DEFRAUD NATIVE AMERICAN TRIBEBarr wrote that Trump soon got off the phone after a brief silence. Barr’s chief of staff, Will Levi, who was in the room with Barr at the time, was aghast.
Hunter Biden walks to Marine One on the Ellipse outside the White House May 22, 2021, in Washington, D.C.
(BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)”You yelled at the President?” Levi asked, and Barr confirmed with a nod.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPIn the book, Barr went on to note that he heard Trump was upset with him for not refuting a claim now-President Biden made about emails on the laptop possibly being part of a Russian disinformation campaign. Barr called this a “bogus statement” and “deception” from Biden that the media ran with.Barr wrote that although he was at the White House on election night for a “watch party,” he and Trump did not have any direct communication after the October phone call until nearly three weeks after the election.



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