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Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn feud: 5 things we’ve learned about their heated public spat in the actress’s words

Jamie Lynn Spears continued to defend herself in a new interview after she was accused of not doing anything to help her older sister, Britney Spears, end her conservatorship.Britney and Jamie Lynn were publicly feuding in the lead-up to the release of Jamie Lynn’s memoir, “Things I Should Have Said.” The book was published Jan. 18. Jamie Lynn’s series of sit-down interviews had all eyes on the sisters’ social media spat as Jamie Lynn continued to spill family secrets, including details of the conservatorship. Jamie Lynn further dived into the details with Alex Cooper during Thursday’s episode of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast.
Jamie Lynn Spears continued to defend herself against claims she didn’t help Britney Spears end her conservatorship during a recent interview.
( Kevin Winter/Getty Images)Here are five things we learned from Jamie Lynn’s tell-all interviews:BRITNEY SPEARS’ SISTER JAMIE LYNN DOUBLES DOWN ON CLAIM SHE TRIED TO HELP POP STAR OUT OF CONSERVATORSHIPJamie Lynn claims Lynne Spears pushed for the conservatorship to continueJamie Lynn accused mom Lynne Spears of being the one to push for the conservatorship to continue. Jamie Lynn sent a text to Britney in November 2020 that included some things that had left her “concerned.””Mom and her lawyers have been in constant contact with [Britney’s court-appointed attorney] Sam Ingham about everything, and I first found that strange since you and mom are not even speaking,” Jamie Lynn read during the interview. “I did not understand why mom would be involving herself or HER opinion to YOUR lawyer, ESPECIALLY if you did not ask her to.”…I believe Sam is supporting mom and her lawyers creating more reasons to stay in court over money, and other issues that have nothing to do with Dad being removed as conservator of your estate, which is what I assume you are wanting the most.”Later in the interview, Jamie Lynn revealed she wasn’t speaking to Lynne at the time in order to show her commitment to supporting Britney.”I wanted her to stop inserting herself in the conservatorship, and so I didn’t understand why we were bringing more people into the conservatorship as opposed to taking them out,” Jamie Lynn told Cooper. “But I didn’t speak to her and I thought maybe that too would show Britney how committed I was to her.”Jamie Lynn says she tried to help Britney end the conservatorship”I gave her the number of judges,” Jamie Lynn told Cooper. “I talked to her lawyer on the phone, which blew up in my face and everybody turned against me. Because I guess maybe that lawyer wasn’t gonna get a paycheck if he didn’t have a job. I spoke with her lawyer, and I told him a lot of s–t, and it went nowhere.”Jamie Lynn also told Britney to come live with her in Louisiana in order to end the conservatorship. “I do know some judges, and we did have some stuff looked into, and we told my sister many times [that] all she had to do was go live out of state for six months and the conservatorship will be absolved because she’ll take residence in another state,” Jamie Lynn said. However, legal experts recently told Fox News Digital that the chances of that happening were “slim to none.”
Jamie Lynn accused Lynne Spears of being in contact with Britney’s lawyer during the court battle and allegedly pushing to keep the conservatorship going despite Jamie Spears’ desire to step down from his role.
(Getty Images)CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTERJamie Lynn backed out of the process of being added to the conservatorshipJamie Lynn was almost added to the conservatorship after Britney asked her if she “would be the person who ensured her boys got what they needed.” However, Jamie Lynn backed out of the process after the pop star expressed her desire for the conservatorship to end in her “Nightline” interview. At the time, Jamie Lynn thought the role “was a very normal thing.”In the interview with Cooper, Jamie Lynn further opened up about her decision.”I didn’t really think she was being represented properly by her lawyer, and then also everything she did at that time was under the conservatorship,” Jamie Lynn said. “It didn’t matter what kind of legal thing was done, so that would mean by me signing something like that, I am doing something under a conservatorship that I don’t necessarily trust. So I didn’t wanna sign anything that connected me to the conservatorship. … It was still under the umbrella of the conservatorship. Everything was.”Jamie Lynn says she didn’t speak out about the conservatorship because she ‘always did the right thing’Jamie Lynn says she didn’t speak out against the conservatorship because she didn’t think she’d be “grouped” with the people who were responsible since she’d always done “the right thing.””I never thought that I’d get grouped into this hatefulness because I knew that I’d always tried to help and stuff, so then I was thinking in my head, I’m never gonna have to speak up, I always did the right thing,” Jamie Lynn told Cooper. “To me, it was like, why would I have to say anything? She knows it, we know it.”Jamie Lynn also revealed she was worried about legal repercussions she could face for speaking publicly.
On top of the sit-down interviews, Britney and Jamie Lynn have been publicly fighting on social media.
(KMazur/WireImage)CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPJamie Lynn doesn’t think Britney cares that she’s getting death threatsWhile talking to Cooper, Jamie Lynn claimed that Britney has texted her saying the conservatorship and ensuing drama was not Jamie Lynn’s fault. However, Britney has continued to go after Jamie Lynn on social media, which according to Jamie Lynn has led to her getting death threats. When she brought up her concerns to Britney, the pop star said “she never talks about my kids so what the f–k am I talking about?” Jamie Lynn told Cooper.”I don’t think she cares,” she added, referencing the death threats.



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