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Why Retaining Education Leaders of Color Is Key for Student Success

Today, in the United States roughly 53 percent of our public school students are young people of color, while approximately 80 percent of the educators who lead their classrooms, schools, and districts are white. Racial diversity among staff matters. When students see educators who look like them, they benefit across the board in many crucial ways, including in school attendance, academic gains, and high school completion. How can districts retain more education leaders of color and build a supportive community for them? Join Peter DeWitt for a live online discussion on how to develop a healthy school community that reflects the needs of all students. Guests include award-winning educators Baron R. Davis, a superintendent in Columbia, S.C., and an EdWeek 2020 Leader To Learn From; Andrea Kane, an education leadership professor at the University of Pennsylvania and a former superintendent; and Patricia Alvarez McHatton, the senior vice president for the Branch Alliance for Education Diversity.



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