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How Pandemic Tech Is (and Is Not) Transforming K-12 Schools

The COVID-19 pandemic—and the resulting rise in virtual learning and big investments in digital learning tools— helped educators propel their technology skills to the next level. Teachers have become more adept at using learning management systems, video content, and conferencing tools like Zoom. Districts put Chromebooks, iPads, and other devices in the hands of students, speeding up their efforts to establish 1-to-1 computing environments. At the same time, students have become more comfortable using digital tools in instruction, fueling efforts to build more blended learning programs that combine face-to-face instruction in classrooms with the use of educational technologies. How can districts and schools build on all these developments? What does it mean for the future of teaching and learning with technology? Our guests for this webinar will be educators who can offer practical tips on how to make the most of a more tech-heavy landscape in K-12 education.

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