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‘Let’s Go Brandon!’ goes from social media meme to the top of the iTunes charts

An anti-President Biden rap song inspired by the viral “Let’s go Brandon!” trend is now sitting at the top of the iTunes hip-hop chart.The song, performed by rapper Loza Alexander and entitled “Let’s Go Brandon,” first went viral on TikTok before making a fast rise up the iTunes hip-hop chart to clinch the number one spot.HOW ‘LET’S GO BRANDON!’ BECAME A NATIONAL SOCIAL MEDIA SENSATIONThe song was inspired by the “Let’s go Brandon!” trend that has been sweeping the country since NBC sports reporter Kelli Stavast interviewed NASCAR driver Brandon Brown following his victory at Alabama’s Talladega Superspeedway earlier this month. During the interview, the crowd could be heard chanting “F— Joe Biden” in the background, which Stavast seemingly misheard as “Let’s go Brandon!””Brandon, you also told me — as you can hear the chants from the crowd, ‘Let’s go, Brandon’ — Brandon, you told me you were gonna kinda hang back those first two stages and just watch and learn,” Stavast told Brown during the interview. “What did you learn that helped you in those closing laps?”TUCKER: WHO IS BRANDON?The interview quickly went viral on social media, with some users speculating that the reporter intentionally attempted to misrepresent what the crowd was chanting. From there the phrase became somewhat of a calling card for opponents of the president, finding its way onto merchandise awhile others began chanting it at sporting events.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPAt one recent Georgia-Auburn college football game, one person rented a plane to fly a banner with the “Let’s go Brandon!’ phrase written on it, with the phrase largely replacing the more vulgar “F— Joe Biden!” chants that had been spreading across the country.

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