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Bring the Scripps National Spelling Bee to your classroom today

For nearly a century, the iconic Scripps National Spelling Bee has inspired a love of learning in students across the country and around the world. You may picture the annual television broadcast of the national finals or last year’s scholar-athlete champion, Zaila Avant-garde. You may even recall a moment when you competed in a classroom, school or regional spelling bee as a child.But did you know that the core of the Bee’s program takes place at the school level? Each year, millions of students participate in classroom- and school-level spelling bees, learning words and discovering interests that will shape the rest of their lives.Your students can benefit from participation in the Bee program today. By completing our online enrollment process, you gain access to educator resources and competition information for your entire school. Start your students on a spelling bee journey today at should you bring the Bee to your school?It’s a flexible program that will fit your school’s needs.
Starting a spelling bee program at your school is simple with the Bee’s educator resources at your fingertips:With the educator resources you receive by enrolling with the Bee, your school can create a spelling bee program that works best for your students and teachers. You receive access to all official Bee study materials and classroom resources through an easy-to-use online portal. Learn more in our exclusive guide for educators, How to Get Buzzing.Using tools like our School Spelling Bee Checklist, you can tailor the program to meet your ELA goals.Test your students in spelling and word meaning with our vocabulary supplements.Encourage all students to participate at the classroom level by providing grade-level study lists with useful words in line with their reading level.Utilize the Bee’s Online Testing Platform or host a virtual spelling bee if you’re engaging students through remote learning. It’s a great complement to your reading curriculum.Great readers make great spellers, and that’s why we take a holistic approach when crafting our resources. Every word on our school-level study list is carefully chosen from a list of engaging books, allowing your students to read their study words within the pages of stories.Our Great Words, Great Works book list is comprised of books with age-appropriate content and rich vocabulary. The grade-level designations encourage students to engage with their specific study words in context, a meaningful method that brings the words to life.Third grade teacher Courtney Sutton says that the diversity of resources helps connect with students wherever they are in their reading and word journeys.

The Bee supports my goal to inspire students’ love of reading. There might be a child who doesn’t want to pick up a book, but they’ll dig into a list of words and a dictionary to figure out what they really mean.

Courtney Sutton, 3rd grade teacher

The Scripps National Spelling Bee program provides options for your diverse students to engage with words in the best way for every individual learner.The Bee inspires a love of learning that lasts.When we spoke to educators about their experiences over the last eighteen months, we heard a common theme: The Bee inspires a love of learning in students that has been difficult to spark with the challenges currently facing students and educators.Engaging with words and their meanings, language patterns and more opens students’ eyes to worlds beyond their everyday lives, and this facet of our program makes a lasting impression on students.2015 national champion Vanya Shivashankar told us that participating in the Bee continues to impact her life as a pre-med student at Yale University.“[The Bee has] really shaped who I am today, and where my interests lie,” she says. “Competing in the Bee has fostered my curiosity for the world, helped me discover a passion for language and etymology and given me a platform to express myself.”Ready to start your students on a spelling journey?Enroll your school in the Scripps National Spelling Bee program today. For $175 per school, you will have immediate access to study lists, educator resources, and a pathway for your school champion to compete in the next level of your community’s spelling bee program.Who knows? The 2022 Scripps National Spelling Bee Champion could be a student in your classroom! Enroll today at to give your students the opportunity to shine.

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