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‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ star Nicole Kidman says husband Keith Urban won’t join her on wellness retreats

Nicole Kidman wouldn’t find herself in the same situation as the characters on her new series, “Nine Perfect Strangers,” thanks to her husband’s distaste for wellness retreats. Speaking about the series on “Good Morning America” Wednesday, Kidman discussed her character in the series, which premiered on Tuesday. Kidman plays an eccentric guru named Masha, who runs a retreat called Tranquillum House and may have more nefarious intentions in mind than simply addressing the nine members’ mental health.In her interview, Kidman noted that she would be susceptible to the kind of manipulation or wellness promises that her character is making in the show. In fact, she notes she’s been to similar retreats. “If someone had said that to me, ‘come give me yourself for 10 days and I will heal you,’ I’d be like ‘I’m in!’” she revealed. NICOLE KIDMAN REVEALS HOW KEITH URBAN REACTS TO HER ON-SCREEN SEX SCENES: ‘HE DOESN’T KNOW MUCH’
Nicole Kidman as Masha in “Nine Perfect Strangers.”
( Vince Valitutti/Hulu)She added: “I’ve checked into places when I was younger and I also went, maybe about a decade ago.” However, she explained that her relationship with Urban would prevent her from getting too far down the rabbit hole as the characters in “Nine Perfect Strangers” do.NICOLE KIDMAN PHOTOS AS LUCILLE BALL SPARK SOCIAL MEDIA CASTING DEBATEKidman has been married to country singer Keith Urban since 2006. They’ve previously discussed in various interviews how they’ve found a way to support each other’s respective careers and interests. However, when it comes to secluding themselves at wellness retreats, Urban’s tolerance is apparently much lower than Kidman’s. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER”I’ve also checked in and checked out after two days because my husband never wants to go to some retreat with me,” she said. “He’d be like ‘no way!’ That’s something you do with your girlfriends.’ I would definitely go to Tranquillum House.”CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”Nine Perfect Strangers” marks Kidman’s second live-action adaptation of a book by author Liane Moriarty. She previously brought one of the writer’s characters to life on the Emmy-winning HBO series “Big Little Lies” for two seasons. She also collaborates on the new show with fellow “Big Little Lies” producer David E. Kelley.

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