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Carrie Underwood slammed for liking tweet opposing mask mandates for children

Carrie Underwood is facing backlash for her response to a speech addressing mask mandates for children.As cases of coronavirus have once again begun to rise and schools pick up for the fall semester, mask mandates have been a hot topic, specifically whether children should be mandated to wear masks at school.Underwood, a mother of two young boys herself, recently seems to have liked a video on Twitter shared by media personality Matt Walsh containing a video of a speech that he gave railing against such mandates.The tweet was published on Aug. 12 and remains the singer’s most recently liked tweet as of Tuesday evening.CARRIE UNDERWOOD REVEALS SHE’S THE MYSTERY COLLABORATOR TEASED BY JASON ALDEANA few days after the “American Idol” champ, 38, liked the tweet, screenshots of her interaction with Walsh’s message went viral, sparking intense backlash from fans.”So Carrie Underwood is an anti-masker?” said a Twitter user in response. In reference to one of the country star’s early hits, they added: “Jesus take the wheel indeed.””Carrie underwood being an antimasker is just sad,” wrote another. “The only country singer i know i can trust is dolly parton.””Carrie Underwood please listen to Dolly Parton on this one & put a mask on your child !!!!!!!!!!” a third added.CARRIE UNDERWOOD SHOWS OFF TONED BIKINI BOD WHILE OUT FISHING: ‘LAKE LIFE’Dolly Parton has become somewhat of a symbol of healthcare since the beginning of the pandemic after she donated $1 million to vaccine development and has continuously promoted taking safety precautions against the virus.Yet another wrote: “I thought you were a caring person, @carrieunderwood i see i was gravely mistaken.”While many spoke out against the star, some supported her while others questioned whether opposing mask mandates was a surprising point of view for Underwood.”Are you guys that surprised about Carrie Underwood though?” one wrote while another shared: “I’m a liberal and I still love and support @carrieunderwood all you haters can just STFU!!! Leave her the hell alone and grow up!!!! Jeez people! Y’all are being ridiculous! Carrie, you’re still amazing to me no matter what!!!!Reps for Underwood did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPWalsh has addressed the backlash a number of times on Twitter, slamming those lashing out against the songstress and mockingly calling upon her to “renounce me and apologize.”Underwood has kept a low profile politically, telling the Guardian in 2019 that she feels people try to “pin” her political preferences.CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER”I try to stay far out of politics if possible, at least in public, because nobody wins,” she said at the time. “It’s crazy. Everybody tries to sum everything up and put a bow on it, like it’s black and white. And it’s not like that.”

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