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Candace Cameron Bure shares tips for lasting love as she celebrates 25 years: ‘Sex, laughter, patience’

Candace Cameron Bure is dishing out a little bit of marriage advice as she rings in 25 years being married to her husband Valeri Bure.The pair celebrated their silver anniversary on Tuesday and spent “an incredible few nights” at Pebble Beach Resorts enjoying each other’s company. However, it didn’t stop the “Fuller House” alum from peeling back a few layers and revealing what has kept the pair strong for over two decades.”June 22nd we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary!! 25 years!! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and, in humility, our willingness to trust Him and allow those who’ve gone before us and those who haven’t but know God’s Word to speak into us,” Cameron Bure, 45, wrote in the caption of an Instagram post highlighting the couple’s trip on Friday. She added, “And grateful for every other bit of solid advice and encouragement in between.”The working actress also squeezed the orange in divulging the juicy details of her marriage and what she believes is the key to establishing consistency and maintaining longevity.CANDACE CAMERON BURE SAYS SHE ‘HAD NO SHAME’ POSTING PDA PIC: ‘WE HAVE FUN AND WE’RE SPICY TOGETHER’
Valeri Bure and Candace Cameron-Bure celebrated their 25-year marriage anniversary on June 22. 
(Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly)”I’m often asked for marriage advice. What’s the secret? Lord knows I will never write a book about it because we are still learning every year, every day. Grace. Grace. Grace,” she admitted before listing off a few things that work for the pair. “Communication (which is so important but difficult when one partner isn’t willing.),” she continued. “Sex. Laughter. Patience. Lots of patience. Love (a verb. which must be put into action, it’s not just a feeling.).”8 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT CANDACE CAMERON BURECameron Bure also noted that while her marriage isn’t “picture perfect,” she appreciates that her faith has been a guiding light for her and Valeri, a former professional ice hockey right winger, whom she wed in 1996.”Through thick and thin, ups and downs, God has blessed us tremendously with guidance and perseverance. I believe God is the secret sauce,” she wrote, adding that she has “more love for this man today than the day we married each other. And I know he does for me.”
Actress Candace Cameron-Bure (L) and Valeri Bure rang in their 25-year anniversary at Pebble Beach Resorts. 
(Photo by Paul Morigi/WireImage)Cameron Bure told Fox News in September that she has no qualms about speaking about the sex life she and Valeri enjoy together.’FULLER HOUSE’ STAR CANDACE CAMERON BURE SHARES SECRET FOR A LONG MARRIAGE: ‘STICK WITH IT'”I love the fact that so many people had an opinion on it. It made me laugh because I wasn’t trying to make a statement,” she said of criticism of a cheeky PDA photo of Valeri cupping his wife’s breasts that made the rounds on the internet. “This is just how my husband and I are. You know, we adore each other and we still have fun and we’re spicy together.””We have a playful, loving marriage and I think that’s why we’re still married 24 years later [now 25 years],” she continued. “But I did respond because I always get bummed out when people have been married for so long and then I feel like the joke is always like, ‘oh, we’re married – so that means we don’t have sex anymore.’ And it’s kind of like that a lot. And so I thought it was just a cute, funny picture and it was playful and it’s very much reflective of our personalities in real life.”CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe lively pair share three children: daughter Natasha, 22, and sons Lev, 21, and Maksim, 19.

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