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WWE legend Ric Flair hunting down famous butterfly robe

Ric Flair is on the hunt for the famous butterfly robe he wore for his WWE debut at Royal Rumble in 1992.The wrestling icon, 72, was known for his bold fashion choices during this decades-long career, but always had an affinity for the butterfly-designed black-and-white feathered robe.”It was stolen out of a hotel. I gave it to security at the hotel and they put it behind the desk in the lock room or whatever it was,” Flair, whose real name is Richard Morgan Fliehr, told People magazine.”They came in the morning to pick it up and leave for the airport and to have it not be there – back then, that was just the infancy of cell phones, and I’m taking off for another city. I never saw it again,” he revealed on Monday.WWE’S CHARLOTTE FLAIR ON CONTINUING HER FATHER’S LEGACYNow, he’s on the hunt for it in a new episode of “Most Wanted Treasures” on A&E.WRESTLING LEGEND RIC FLAIR HAD 15 DRINKS A DAY, SLEPT WITH 10,000 WOMEN, DOCUMENTARY REVEALSRic and his daughter, WWE’s Charlotte Flair, have teamed up to track down the robe. “I remember all the problems he had with traveling with the robes over the years like, ‘Oh my gosh, is my robe going to be stolen through baggage claim?'” Charlotte told the outlet. “That would happen, or if someone going to steal it at a show or all the different robes he’d had.”Ric admitted he’s not big on displaying his own memorabilia around the house. “I’ve never had a shrine built to myself, or – what am I trying to say – have a room built,” he said.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPRather, he built a trophy case for his kids. “It’s funny because my biggest thrill in life was my two youngest kids,” he explained. “I was traveling all the time when my older ones were in high school and college and that, and I built them trophy cases. They both were phenomenal amateur athletes and I built a trophy case. … I had fun doing that.”

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