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Research in Strategic Management Program

Strategic Management Society (SMS) Research in Strategic Management Program

The Strategy Research Foundation (SRF) of the Strategic Management Society (SMS) announces its 2021 Research in Strategic Management (RSM) Program. The RSM grant program aims to support research on a rotating set of themes central to the field of strategic management. The theme for the 2021 and 2022 program cycles is “Competitive Advantage in the 21st Century.” This theme addresses a classic question in the field of strategic management regarding how firms and managers affect performance outcomes among close competitors. In light of recent theoretical advances and changes in the business environment, this Call seeks proposals that revisit foundational research questions concerning competitive advantage (that have been examined using traditional conceptions and measures of performance such as competitive advantage, value creation, and factor productivity) and assess these questions with fresh perspectives


  • A full-time faculty member or post-doctoral researcher affiliated with a university, who is a current member of the Strategic Management Society.
  • All proposals must identify a Principal Investigator (PI), The PI, who leads the research effort and to whom the grant is awarded, must be a full-time faculty member or post-doctoral researcher affiliated with a university and a member of the Strategic Management Society at the time of submission and throughout the grant period
  • A proposal may include Co-Investigators (CIs)
  • At any time, a single individual is permitted to serve as a PI or CI on only one proposal across all SRF programs (DRG, RiO, or RSM)
  • Individuals named in a previously funded SRF proposal may not participate in a new proposal until the expiration of the prior award.
  • All SRF grants aim to support research that has not been undertaken. Thus, completed work is not eligible for funding

Grants of up to US$25,000, to support direct research expenses such as data collection and research assistance. No institutional overhead will be paid.  The application deadline is October 1, 2021.



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