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IMA Research Foundation Incubator Grant

IMA Research Foundation

The IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants) Research Foundation is committed to developing the management accounting researchers of tomorrow. IRF recognizes that it can be difficult for less experienced researchers to obtain funding through traditional channels. They also know that it can be hard to fully evaluate the merits and feasibility of a research idea, without first undertaking preliminary investigations. With these issues in mind, the Foundation invites submissions of both academic and practitioner research proposals to its Research Incubator Grant Program.


Two types of applications will be accepted under this program:

1. Applications from inexperienced researchers, which may include those with experience only as research assistants; PhD students, those without previous funding awards; those pursuing research degree studies; or those who have not previously acted as a principal researcher.

2. Applications from experienced researchers seeking to undertake a feasibility study as a preliminary to in-depth empirical research or with an idea/concept that they wish to develop. A feasibility study may include the development of a research instrument/research method, pilot study, and evaluation of the wider research project, including reviewing issues that could impact its success. This would be conducted to assist the researcher in determining whether or not to proceed with a full research project.

  • Researchers who are not members of IMA and receive a grant from the Foundation are expected to joinIMA before the grant is disbursed.
  • Researchers are required to produce a 3,000-word, practitioner-oriented report regarding their project.
  • You will also need to provide IMA with an article for one of its publications and an end of project report, detailing how the funding was spent, the results of the investigation, and plans for future research.

Funding of research under this program does not preclude application for subsequent additional funding under the Research Foundation’s other grant programs. Applicants may apply for funding of up to $5,000 (or equivalent). Projects will typically not last longer than one year. The deadline for submission is 31st January 2022.



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