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Chris Pratt virtually surprises deployed service members for Father’s Day

Chris Pratt is paying it forward.The 41-year-old actor, known for his patriotism, set up a virtual surprise for four deployed servicemen and their families ahead of Father’s Day.”We got a special treat for you,” the “Tomorrow War” star said in a video exclusive to People magazine. “We’re going to give you guys, your families at least, a special dinner and a sneak peek of the movie that y’all can watch together.””The Tomorrow War” sees Pratt star as Dan Forester, a family man drafted into a futuristic war.CHRIS PRATT HONORS FLAG DAY BY PARACHUTING WITH NAVY ‘LEAP FROGS’: ‘THE STARS AND STRIPES REPRESENT ALL OF US'”That’s coming from us to you with a tremendous amount of love and gratitude for your service,” the Marvel star continued.
Chris Pratt virtually surprised four deployed service men with a sneak peek of his upcoming movie ‘The Tomorrow War.’
(AP)Pratt, a father himself, then took questions from the people on the virtual call and revealed that he knew his “whole life” that he wanted to be an actor.”My brother went into the army and he’s now a sheriff’s deputy. I thought I wanted to be an actor, but I thought I wanted to be an actor the way a kid wants to be an astronaut,” he recalled. “I knew I wanted to do it but I never knew how I’d do it.”The actor then offered a special thanks to those who serve.”My favorite part of this life that I’ve been blessed to be able to live and lead is to be able to openly show support for our men and women in uniform,” Pratt gushed. “You mean the world to me, I mean that.”CHRIS PRATT HONORS VETERANS ON MEMORIAL DAY IN EMOTIONAL TRIBUTE: ‘MAY GOD GIVE THEIR SOULS REST’He continued: “I understand that the life I live inside of a bubble of protection that you provide for me. Just know, I do not take it for granted. I’m living my dream and I know you’re making that possible. Thank you.”The star shares his 8-year-old son Jack with his ex-wife Anna Faris and his 10-month-old daughter, Lyla Maria, with his current wife Katherine Schwarzenegger.”The parent and child relationship” plays a big part in “The Tomorrow War,” the actor told People.”My character is a father and a husband and he has a contentious relationship with his father. I think it’s impossible for me to do these types of roles without diving into some of the turmoil of my own relationships in life,” he said. “And I think this is a film about redemption and second chances and coming to grips with the fact that maybe you’re a lot more like your father than you’ve ever realized. And finding grace and forgiveness for your father and yourself at the same time in those moments.”That realization may be a part of “a natural progression” Pratt said people go through when they become parents themselves.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”There’s a moment where you realize your own parents are just kids who had kids,” he explained. “And it’s like, ‘Oh wow. So this deity in my life that I looked up to as a god is really just a flawed human being just like myself.’ And so you learn to forgive them for any issues that they may have had because hey, they were just trying. They’re just people just like you.”CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER”The Tomorrow War” can be streamed on Amazon Prime on July 2.

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