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‘Jeopardy’ winner shocks fans with sketch predicting her exact winning total

A recent three-time “Jeopardy!” winner revealed Wednesday that she inadvertently predicted her winning streak down to the exact dollar amount ahead of her first show. Katie Sekelsky, a graphic designer from Kent, Ohio, concluded her winning streak earlier this week, ultimately taking home a total of $19,201 following her third win. However, what’s even more impressive than the trivia champion’s prowess at the game is her spot-on, off-camera prediction of her own win. She took to Twitter after the episode aired to reveal that she had drawn a sketch of herself to calm her nerves ahead of her first game of “Jeopardy!” When she reached in her mind for a dollar amount to add to the sketch, she says she just-so-happened to pick $19,201 — her actually winning total. “The night before my first @Jeopardy taping, I was alone in the hotel, trying to calm down and ‘visualizing’ a win,” Sekelsky wrote. “I sketched myself at a podium, with a winning-type dollar amount. And that winning-type dollar amount was $19,201.”ALEX TREBEK EARNS POSTHUMOUS DAYTIME EMMY NOMINATION FOR LAST SEASON HOSTING ‘JEOPARDY!’ BEFORE DEATHShe added: “This is real.”The “Jeopardy!” winner issued a follow-up tweet to get ahead of critics she feared would argue that her sketch influenced her final wager. In the post, she insisted that her move was purely strategic. 
A recent ‘Jeopardy!’ contestant predicted her win to the exact dollar amount.
(Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)”This was not on my mind at all while wagering. I was just betting what I needed to in case Erin bet everything and got it right. And the drawing was sent to @muffymarracco @lynnqyu and @AriannaHaut before taping. THERE ARE RECEIPTS,” she wrote. The shocking tweet elicited some stunned responses from fans of the show, who took to Twitter themselves to share their thoughts on the seemingly psychic contestant’s post.  “Wow!!! This is kind of spooky…..I wonder what else you can manifest? Wow!!!” one fan responded. “That’s amazing!” another wrote. ‘JEOPARDY!’ EP MIKE RICHARDS SAYS A ‘ROBUST TEAM’ IS SEARCHING FOR A NEW HOST”Twlight Zone moment?” someone else wrote.CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER”Can you give me a little help with lottery numbers?” another added.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPUnfortunately, her powers of perception didn’t lead her to a four-time winning streak. Yahoo Entertainment reports that she botched a question about “Pixar” during the Final Jeopardy! Round that ended her run on the show.

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