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How to schedule Slack messages

Golfer using his mobile on the course while carrying his clubs.Tashi-Delek | iStock | Getty ImagesSlack recently began rolling out a new feature that lets you schedule messages. So, you can pretend you’re working while you’re putting out the ninth with messages ready to go out at certain times.Or, you can use it for other things, like making sure you remind your team of an upcoming meeting in the morning before you log on for the day.Slack said the feature, which was first spotted by The Verge, is just starting to roll out, which means you might not see it or be able to use it right away. But, if you do see it, here’s what to do.How to schedule messages in Slack to send laterOpen the Slack app on your computer or iPhone.Type out a message in the channel you want to send the message to. In the Slack app on a computer, tap the arrow next to the send button. You might not see it if it’s not live yet. If you’re on an iPhone or Android, long press the send button. Choose a custom time to send the message.Slack said you can also edit, delete or change the message once it’s been scheduled. To do that, go to the left sidebar and tap “Scheduled.” Find the message you want to change and select the icon on the top right corner to edit it.Subscribe to CNBC on YouTube. 

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