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Alicia Silverstone reveals actual pronunciation of her name

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Alicia Silverstone has dropped a bombshell on fans.The 44-year-old actress recently took to TikTok to participate in a game that asks players to reveal how to pronounce their name and how people constantly mispronounce it.”My name is Ali-SEE-yuh … Not Alee-Sha,” the “Clueless” star revealed with a shrug before repeating the correct pronunciation.In the caption, she added: “Just an FYI… it’s Ali-SEE-yuh.”ALICIA SILVERSTONE SAYS SON HAS NEVER HAD ANTIBIOTICS OR ‘MEDICAL INTERVENTION’She also took to the post’s comments to elaborate.”It doesn’t bother me though!” she wrote. “By my sweet mama didn’t like it…. so for her…. get it right! Ali-SEE-yuh.”Fans were shocked by the nonchalant reveal after decades of mispronouncing her name.”WHAT I DIDN’T KNOW THAT” commented a viewer.”Well it seems like I’ve been saying your name wrong my whole life haha,” wrote another.A third added: “Excuse me while I question my entire life…”ALICIA SILVERSTONE REVEALS HER SON, 9, WAS ‘MADE FUN OF’ FOR LONG HAIRSTYLEOthers made jokes about her “Clueless” character, who was named Cher.”Um… It’s ‘Cher’ but ok…” said one.Joked another: “Her name is Cher, C-H-E-R people mispronounce it [as] Alicia.”Silverstone made her TikTok debut last week to recreate an iconic “Clueless” scene, but recruited her son, Bear, to help out.In the video, Silverstone donned a black and yellow plaid jacket that identical to the one she wore in the movie and strutted her stuff to “Just A Girl” by No Doubt.
Alicia Silverstone revealed to fans how her name is actually pronounced.  (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)
Following suit as one of Silverstone’s co-stars, Bear tried to smoothly wrap his arm around his mother’s shoulder.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”Ew! Get off of me,” the actress mouthed along to her original dialog as she pushed him away. “Ugh, as if!”The loving mother then smiled as she pulled her son back in for a hug and planted a kiss on his head.CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER”Ugh! As if… I wouldn’t join TikTok,” she joked in the caption.

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