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How Buhari Confirmed On National TV That Nigeria Is A Failed State—Nnamdi Kanu

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This followed his reaction to President Muhammadu Buhari’s interview with Arise TV on Thursday, in which he said each of the 36 governors should find a way to end the rampant invasion by herdmen across the country.
According to Buhari, he alone cannot do everything which was why he called on governors to find ways to solve the problem of insecurity in their respective day. 

But Kanu asserted that the President has failed by shifting responsibility to the state governors.
He further stated that the decision of the federal government has confirmed the controversial Eastern Security Network (ESN), as an agency established for the self-defence of the people of the South east.
“As the mask masquerading as Buhari shifts responsibility of stopping terrorist herdsmen to Governors, it confirms our assertions that Nigeria has become a failed sate. It also validates #ESN as a self-defense force to protect our people.” he said. 

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