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‘Buhari’ s Aide, Lauretta Onochie Is Not Qualified As INEC Commissioner— Angry Reactions Of Nigerians Trail Her Senate Screening

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Nigerians on social media have condemned a request by Senate President Ahmad Lawan asking the committee on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to screen Lauretta Onochie, a presidential aide, as commissioner of the electoral body.
President Muhammadu Buhari in October 2020 asked the upper legislative chamber to screen and confirm Onochie.

The recent request by the Senate President has attracted the outrage of Nigerians, who condemned the nomination because, according to them, Onochie is partisan. She is a staunch member of the All Progressives Congress.
Many have questioned the rationale for her selection, alleging that the ruling APC wants to rig the 2023 presidential elections. 
Below are some of the comments: 
The leadership of d NASS are complacent. They show total support for authoritarianism without flinching. Let it be known that Lawan, Gbajas & their cohorts are enablers of the Maj Gen. #Buhari repressive regime. #KeepitOn— GOGO #GetInvolved (@ogkuku2) June 9, 2021

 Waste of time and screening skills. She should take a bow and go. Anything goes in Buhari’s Nigeria. Shekau should also be nominated for INEC chairman, that way no one would dare to rig abi?— Don Kupsy (@ehiokupa) June 9, 2021

Lauretta onochie, unapologetic APC member, as INEC commissioner is mind blowing for me. The things happening in Nigeria are unthinkable.— Káyòdé Adéwùmí (@Biraphil) June 9, 2021

Lauretta Onochie is not qualified to be a Primary School headteacher let alone an INEC Commissioner. Nigeria is irredeemable.— Uncle Wilsøn™ (@iam_wilsons) June 9, 2021

The insanity of making known partisan politicians an electoral umpire is anti progressive by govts who embraced such.
It’s like making Shekau head of Nigerian Army. It’s arrant nonsense. As usual @DrAhmadLawan & @femigbaja led NASS are acting like agents of oppression.— Emir Of Kuvukiland – BOS 🏇 (@balogunfd) June 9, 2021

Which state will accept this woman as INEC commissioner. She is not hiding her partisanship. She has made it clear that she is for Buhari and APC. With this character how will she supervise an election?— Dankwa (@WincyChinedu) June 9, 2021

Why his aid? They want to ring the election? Onochie Laurestar don’t have Nigerians at heart and she’s loyal to buhari and not the country. The hand writing is on the wall and these people showing their intentions.— EndSars (@Endbuharigovt) June 9, 2021

@DrAhmadLawan and @femigbaja Intentionally refused to pass the electoral reform bill, they kept dragging so they can help their Paymaster rig the forth coming election. It is no coincidence, it’s all well planned. Now they are appointing Buhari’s buttlickers to do the dirty job.— Nwanyi Aba (@Lady___Beee) June 9, 2021

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