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Amazon chief Jeff Bezos to travel into space next month for ‘adventure’ with his brother | Science & Tech News

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Jeff Bezos – one of the world’s richest men and the chief executive of Amazon – has said he will travel into space next month.The US business tycoon has invited his brother along for the journey, with the winner of an auction set up by his aerospace company Blue Origin.
In a video posted to his Instagram page, he said: “What a remarkable opportunity to see the Earth from space… it changes you.”He added: “I want to go on this flight because it’s a thing. It’s an adventure – it’s a big deal for me.”Listed as the second richest man, according to Forbes, Mr Bezos has previously said he will soon take more of a back seat role at Amazon.
The chief executive role at Amazon is due to be taken over by Andy Jassy next month, but Mr Bezos will still be executive chair at the company he founded nearly three decades ago.
Mr Bezos has said his new role will allow him more time to focus on side projects such as Blue Origin and the global fight against climate change.He will also be able to spend more time overseeing The Washington Post, the newspaper he owns.

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