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Role Former Leader, Abdulsalami Abubakar, 6 Yoruba Personalities Played In MKO Abiola’s Travails, Eventual Death—Ex-Soldier

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Former Military Head of State, General Abdulsalami Abubakar (rtd) has been accused of authorising the assassination of the late businessman and politician, Chief MKO Abiola.
In a viral video posted on Saturday, a retired military officer, Abiodun Bolarinwa also claimed that a huge amount of money was withdrawn from the coffers of the Central Bank of Nigeria the day Abiola died, which he said was the money paid to his killers.

Bolarinwa, who did not mention where he had been before the incidence claimed he was directly working with General Sani Abacha, the late military dictator who imprisoned Abiola after he (Bolarinwa) was shipped into Nigeria in a carton of a fridge. 
Bolarinwa said he was sent to murder the late Afenifere leader, Pa Abraham Adesanya.
“I was with Abacha working directly with him. I was the one sent to go and assassinate Pa Abraham Adesanya. I was put in a carton of a fridge to cargo me into Nigeria.
“Because I asked (Lateef) Sofolayan when he was confessing that time. Sergeant Kenneth was amongst them. He talked about a certain woman that when she put a local comb on her hair and tied headgear on it, no bullet shot at her could harm her.
“Musa, Gagash, Colonel Kure, Bisi Mogaji and (Ishaya) Bamaiyi himself, they said since Abacha was dead, let’s kill Abiola too so that the equation could balance. The clothes that Abiola wore that day if you ask them to bring it, they can’t produce it.
“Abdulsalami Abubakar knew what he did. They are all murderers. They’ve destroyed the Yorubaland more than repair. The day Abiola died, when his death had not been announced to anyone, there was a plane ordered to bring money from CBN that day which was shared among them. They should go back to the record of Abiola’s death and look at the money that came from CBN that day. What was the money used for? It was the money sent for his assassination.
“Let Abdulsalami Abubakar, former Commander-in-Chief, GCFR. Let him come and defend if he doesn’t know anything about the death of Abiola,” Bolarinwa said. 
He also said the former military dictator, General Ibrahim Babangida (rtd) had the intention of handing over to the late business mogul, but six influential personalities in Yorubaland forbade him from doing so.
He went further to talk about the current agitation for secession in the country, adding that the killing of civilians forced the agitators’ hands. 
According to him, the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu has failed the people, and will be a total failure if he contests for President in 2023.
“Babangida had the intention to transfer power to the democratically elected government, but there were six powerful Yoruba people that stood against him not to relinquish power to Abiola.
“There are soldiers there killing Boko Haram, and helicopters are going there to supply food to the terrorists. Who gave the airplane the licence to fly? Is it not someone? There are Boko Haram (terrorists) in the military, they are in the army. They phoned Boko Haram how they should be coming in, and a woman Sergeant heard it and said, ‘Ahh Oga’ and her boss brought out a gun and shot her dead.
“People are just criticising Sunday Igboho, though he too is a talkative. But, he is doing the right thing. When you are killing all our people, won’t he talk? If you have the influence to talk, you will talk now.
“For years ago, I had known that Nigeria would be in chaos. We can’t trust Igbo people. We (Yoruba) shouldn’t say we are breaking away because Igbo are seceding.
“Bola Tinubu is not doing well. Is it only during elections you will be coming out with brooms to campaign? If they come out with brooms this time around, we will use their brooms to flog them. I tell you the truth. I’m not the INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) but if Bola Tinubu comes out for presidency, he is a F9 failure,” Bolarinwa said.

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