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Matt LeBlanc dubbed ‘Irish Uncle’ by social media after ‘Friends’ reunion

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Matt LeBlanc went viral after the “Friends” reunion special but not for reminiscing about playing his beloved character Joey Tribbiani on the comedy series.Social media dubbed the actor, 53, an “Irish Uncle” because of his clothes, crossed arms, and facial expressions during the HBO Max special.”Matt LeBlanc is your uncle at a wedding buying you too many beers and getting your name mixed up with your siblings while rolling his eyes lovingly at your aunt drunkenly flailing to Dancing Queen,” one person tweeted.”Matt LeBlanc looks like your uncle who will still be sharing the Matt LeBlanc meme on Facebook 6 months from now,” another joked. ‘FRIENDS’ REUNION DIDN’T HAVE PAUL RUDD, COLE SPROUSE FOR THIS REASONSocial media users from Ireland narrowed down more specifically how LeBlanc reminded them of certain family members. “Every Irish family has at least one of those uncles or great uncles -extreme salt of the Earth characters, full of dry wit and just a drop of cynicism. Matt looks like a typical Irish uncle in the photos from the reunion from his his arms are folded, to his facial expressions,” explained a user.‘FRIENDS’ STARS REVEAL THEY HAD A REAL-LIFE CRUSH ON EACH OTHER DURING REUNION SPECIAL”My favourite version of the Matt leBlanc meme is the one where he’s very supportive of your lifestyle even when he doesn’t quite understand it,” laughed a fan. “Who wore it best, #mattleblanc or my Dad??!!” asked someone. “Sitting around with the family Christmas night after the last few drinks and leftovers are finished off. “That’s it now lads, all over for another year!” said another. “The kind of auld lad you’d have a fair job of explaining to your not an Artist after getting an Arts degree,” laughed someone. “Can’t get enough of these ‘Matt LeBlanc looks like an Irish da’ memes and I think I found a winner,” one person wrote.”He looks like the Irish Uncle with a heart of gold. He’s behind the times, rough round the edges, loves life, his family, his cattle and you, hugs like a bear, drinks like a fish, talks the hind legs off a donkey and punched that guy in the gob who slagged off your gay partner,” pointed out someone else. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”Friends: The Reunion” is now streaming on HBO Max.

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