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Oprah Winfrey says Prince Harry’s frank discussions will help royal family ‘see the truth in themselves’

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Oprah Winfrey thinks that Prince Harry is doing some good.The 67-year-old actress has worked with the prince quite a bit lately, first by interviewing him and Meghan Markle for their bombshell, tell-all interview which included claims of racism and allegedly turning a blind eye to mental health needs against the royal family.Most recently, Winfrey produced “The Me You Can’t See” with Harry, 36, a miniseries on Apple TV+ about mental health in which the royal made more bold claims about his family and his past struggles.Before the miniseries premiered on Friday, Winfrey opened up on “CBS This Morning” about Harry’s unabashed, no-holds-barred approach to tackling his demons.PRINCE HARRY, MEGHAN MARKLE DEFENDED BY OPRAH WINFREY OVER CRITICISM: ‘PRIVACY DOESN’T MEAN SILENCEWhen asked by best friend and journalist Gayle King whether she believes Harry’s openness “is going to help him with the royal family,” Winfrey said she was unsure.
Prince Harry speaking out about his struggles will help the royal family ‘see the truth in themselves,’ says Oprah Winfrey.
(AP, File)”I don’t know if it helps with the Royal Family,” she said. She added: “But this is what I do know — is that being able to express your own personal truth in a way that benefits you and also helps other people to see the truth in themselves.”The media mogul has spoken out in support of her business partner in the past as well, defending him from those criticizing him for speaking out so much while also asking for privacy.PRINCE HARRY IS ‘NAIVE AND DELUSIONAL’ TO THINK OPRAH TELL-ALL WOULD SPARK RECONCILIATION, ROYAL AUTHOR CLAIMS”I ask for privacy and I’m talking all the time,” she said on the “Today” show last week. “I think being able to have a life that you are not intruded upon by photographers or people flying overhead or invading your life is what every person wants and deserves.”She said that critics of Harry’s vocalization are “missing” the idea that he wants to maintain a modicum of privacy as a basic desire.
Winfrey famously interviewed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in March. (Joe Pugliese/Harpo Productions via AP, File)
“Privacy doesn’t mean silence,” she added.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPFurthermore, Winfrey said that Harry and Markle, 39, “have not shared any regrets” with her over their tell-all interview.CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER”I understood what had happened to them and I wanted the rest of the world to come away being able to answer the question: Why did they leave?” she explained. “And I think by the time that interview was done, people understood.”

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