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‘Last Man Standing’ star Tim Allen on show drawing to a close: ‘I had health problems letting go of this one’

Tim Allen is lamenting the ending of “Last Man Standing” after nine years and said accepting the series’ end was difficult to stomach. “To be very honest, I had health problems letting go of this one,” Allen, 67, told reporters during a virtual panel at FOX’s summer press tour on Thursday. “It’s just been three or four weeks and I’m literally just feeling better. Never have I enjoyed, outside of ‘Home Improvement’ and maybe moments of ‘Galaxy Quest,’ one of these jobs.””This crew, from the guy at the gate to Radford inside to people we ate with, I loved every second of this experience.””Last Man Standing” will air its hour-long series finale on May 20. Allen – joined by cast members Nancy Travis, Hector Elizondo, Amanda Fuller, Molly McCook and showrunners Matt Berry and Kevin Abbott – pressed that he had grown used to the “sudden death” aspect of showbiz seeing as the show had been canceled before.The show, which is currently airing its ninth and final season, began its run in 2011 on ABC before the series was canceled by the network in May 2017 after six seasons. The show enjoyed a huge resurgence on FOX in 2019 and was revived for its final three seasons. ‘LAST MAN STANDING’ STAR TIM ALLEN SAYS FILMING FINAL SEASON WAS ‘HORRIBLE’ AND EMOTIONAL”This set, I looked at every set piece. I walked through every hallway over and over again, always looking around. It didn’t help. Having this pulled from us several times like that, you get used to sudden death and for some reason, I prefer that,” he said.”For whatever reason, this was the end of the nine-year stretch on this. [It’s] very difficult on me,” Allen added.’LAST MAN STANDING’ STAR TIM ALLEN: ‘WE JUST DON’T MAKE FUN OF STUFF… EXCEPT LIBERALS’The “Toolbelt,” which Allen said folks still call him on the street, pressed on and boasted about a miniature recreation of the “LMS” set – that Mike Baxter made his domain for so many years – in his own home. Allen showed off the art piece that featured the rooms, the fake stairs and backdrops – as if he were casing blueprints of the joint.”I am a crazed man,” he told reporters of the dollhouse-like piece.
Tim Allen, Jonathan Adams and guest star Jay Leno in the ‘Granny Nanny’ episode of ‘Last Man Standing.’ (Michael Becker/FOX) 
CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPOpening up on working with his talented co-stars, Allen praised them in his admiration for each cast member being willing to go against the grain of mainstream television sitcoms.”It’s funny that this group – left and right among us – none of us liked when we were told early on this stuff, even from both networks, ‘I think you might want to avoid talking about that,'” Allen explained. “I loved that we all are the type of people who said, ‘Well, screw that – we’re going to talk about it anyway.'” CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER”So I’ve always appreciated that about this group – it’s a very broad range of attitudes,” he added. “We really pushed it a little bit. You know, I really admire that.”



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