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Mayim Bialik speaks out on Israeli-Palestinian conflict: ‘Devastating’

Actress Mayim Bialik is speaking out against the ongoing violence in Israel and the Gaza Strip.”I’ve resisted tackling the complexity of the situation in Israel for quite some time,” she captioned her post which included a picture of the Israeli flag. “As a liberal Zionist, people are often confused by my politics. Suffice it to say, the events surrounding Jerusalem Day are devastating.””Israel deserves to live as an autonomous free and safe nation. The Palestinian people deserve the same. What is happening now by extremists on both sides is tragic. It’s horrendous. It’s unacceptable. And I have to hold out hope that peace and justice will prevail,” she concluded. ISRAEL, HAMAS CONTINUE TO EXCHANGE FIRE AS DEADLY CONFRONTATION PERSISTS
Actress Mayim Bialik is speaking out against the violence occurring between Israel and Palestine over the last week.
(Getty Images)The Palestinian militant group Hamas launched rockets into Israel this week, targeting Jerusalem, southern Israel, and Tel Aviv. Israel responded by launching a series of airstrikes, killing a top Hamas commander and several other senior Hamas militants.Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu added that they will use “an iron fist if needed” to stop accompanying violent protests by Arab citizens. Over 30 people have been killed in the escalating violence, which marks their most serious conflict since the 2014 Gaza War. RIOTS ERUPT IN PARTS OF ISRAEL AS TENSIONS FLARE
Rockets are launched from the Gaza Strip towards Israel, Monday, May. 10, 2021. 
(AP Photo/Khalil Hamra)Bialik, best known for her role on “The Big Bang Theory,” previously came under scrutiny for her support of Israel.In 2015, she told Fox News about a trip to Israel that caused quite a stir on social media.MAYIM BIALIK: HOLLYWOOD IS NOT FRIENDLY TO PEOPLE OF FAITH”I’ve gotten a lot of negative attention for visiting Israel,” she told us at the time. “That’s what’s amazing…simply by going to Israel this summer and saying nothing more than, ‘I’ve gone to Israel,’ I got the same amount of hatred and threats and anti-Semitism for actually making a statement trying to support people whether I like it or not are serving in an army.”She continued, “That reveals the truth. It really doesn’t matter what I support or believe the fact that I’m Jewish and go there is enough – that should be alarming to most people.”
Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik in ‘The Big Bang Theory.’
(CBS)CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPWhile the threats she received were from fans, Bialik said the entertainment industry isn’t friendly to people of faith either.”I think in general it’s never going to be trendy to be observant or religious in Hollywood circles,” she said candidly. “There are people I know of faith and we tend to congregate together. I study Jewish texts weekly. That’s something really positive to me when you’re a person of faith, it stays with you all the time.”Fox News’ Morgan Phillips and the Associated Press contributed to this report.



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