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Gal Gadot slammed after calling for unity for Israel and ‘neighbors’ in Gaza amid ongoing conflict

“Wonder Woman” actress Gal Gadot’s attempt to post a unifying message on Twitter amidst the ongoing violence in the Middle East backfired as critics instead assailed the actress for her experience fighting in the Israeli Defense Forces when she was younger and accused her of being a “propaganda” tool for the Israeli military.The Palestinian militant group Hamas launched rockets into Israel this week, targeting Jerusalem, southern Israel, and Tel Aviv. Israel responded by launching a series of airstrikes, killing a top Hamas commander and several other senior Hamas militants. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu added that they will use “an iron fist if needed” to stop accompanying violent protests by Arab citizens. Over 30 people have been killed in the escalating violence, which marks their most serious conflict since the 2014 Gaza War. AMERICAN-ISRAELI FAMILY SPEAKS OUT FROM BOMB SHELTER AS HAMAS LAUNCHES TERROR ATTACK ON THEIR COMMUNITY”My heart breaks,” Gadot, who was born in Israel, wrote on Wednesday of the carnage. “My country is at war.”Social media users immediately posted nasty comments about the actress and would not let her forget her time serving in IDF, with multiple people accusing her of supporting “ethnic cleansing” and “mass genocide” for wishing Israel peace.GAL GADOT CONFIRMS JOSS WHEDON ‘THREATENED’ HER CAREER DURING ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’ RESHOOTS”Reminder Gal Gadot served in the IDF for two years where she not only witnessed the ethnic cleansing of Palestine firsthand but also actively supported it. How can you advocate to stop the vicious cycle of terror when you are standing on the frontlines enabling it #FreePalestine,” wrote one user, @thetaeprint.Others accused her of being a “propaganda” tool for Israel.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPHowever, as Gadot’s supporters noted, Israeli military service is mandatory for all Israeli citizens over the age of 18, including most young women. That fact was not lost on some people, including high profile figures like Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who spoke up on Gadot’s behalf.Gadot has turned off comments to the post on Twitter.



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