Chicago reports record-high graduation rate after pandemic interrupted spring learning

NYC graduation rates tick upwards in 2020

Graduation rates in New York City continued a steady uptick in 2020, reaching 78.8%, according to data released Thursday by the state education department. That is 1.5 percentage points higher than the prior year.
This year’s graduation rate provides an early glimpse into how students are faring in the fallout of the ongoing pandemic that has fallen particularly hard on New York City, which became the global epicenter of COVID-19 last spring. Many of the other measures commonly used to gauge student progress have been wiped out by the health crisis, with standardized exams canceled along with traditional grades.
Though graduation rates are up, it’s not clear whether that means students are learning more while in high school. The state has opened more pathways for students to earn a diploma, and the pandemic forced officials to cancel the Regents high school exit exams.
State education department officials said Regents exam exemptions “were a factor in the increase” for the graduation rate, “however, we cannot say to what extent.”
Mirroring national trends, the percentage of New York City students earning a diploma has been on an upward climb since 2005, when fewer than half of high school seniors graduated in four years.
But glaring racial disparities continue. At 75.9%, graduation rates for Black students was almost eight percentage points lower than their white peers. For Latino students, the graduation rate was 74.1, or almost 10 percentage points below those who are white. About 89.5% of Asian students earned a diploma.
The graduation rate for students with disabilities was 52.8%. For those learning English as a new language, it was 45.7%.
This is a breaking news story and will be updated.

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