Nikki Haley's stops for Georgia senators cap slew of appearances to help GOP candidates

Nikki Haley launches PAC to support conservative candidates, ‘laser-focused’ on 2022 midterms

Nikki Haley has launched a political action committee (PAC) to support conservative candidates ahead of the 2022 election cycle — the latest effort by the former U.N. ambassador to boost GOP hopefuls in key races.Stand for America PAC – a separate entity from Haley’s “Stand for America” advocacy group – describes itself as “laser-focused on the 2022 midterms and electing a conservative force to the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate to counter the lib eral agendas of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi.”HALEY TELLS GOP NOT TO ‘SHY AWAY’ FROM TRUMP-ERA GAINS, BUT CALLS HIS RECENT CONDUCT ‘DEEPLY DISAPPOINTING’ Separately, a release declares it will support conservative candidates who will “defend America’s founding principles: freedom; opportunity for all; free speech; limited government; capitalism; the rule of law; and a strong national defense.”The formation of the PAC comes in the context of Haley’s frequent warnings about what she describes as an extreme left-wing agenda when Democrats take the White House and the Senate in the coming days. The PAC is eyeing candidates who will oppose radical policies such as court packing, defunding the police, “socialist” health care and “appeasing China.””We will support principled conservatives who stand up for the ideas our country was founded on, who believe that America, her people, and her ideas are inherently good,” the PAC says. “We are looking for candidates who understand that the Democrats’ extreme policies must be stopped.”The PAC will be able to make independent expenditures and $5,000 contributions to individual candidates. While Haley is closely watched as a possible 2024 candidate, she has instead been focused on backing elected candidates and has so far not made any clear moves for office herself. NIKKI HALEY’S STOPS FOR GEORGIA SENATORS CAP SLEW OF APPEARANCES TO HELP GOP CANDIDATE During the 2020 cycle, she campaigned in person for President Trump, as well as for Republican Senate and House candidates in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia. She also did virtual events for candidates in California and Maine.Haley made in-person appearances for events for the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee and grassroots groups such as Winning for Women.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPLast week she warned Republicans not to “shy away” from the party’s accomplishments under President Trump — while at the same time calling his post-Election Day conduct “deeply disappointing.””And it’s a real shame, because I am one who believes our country made some truly extraordinary gains in the last four years. President Trump and Republicans deserve great credit for that,” she said, according to excerpts. “We should not shy away from our accomplishments.”

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