NJ Rep. Sherrill says unidentified Congress members led ‘reconnaissance’ tours prior to Capitol attack

NJ Rep. Sherrill says unidentified Congress members led ‘reconnaissance’ tours prior to Capitol attack

Rep. Mikie Sherrill, D-N.J., said Tuesday that she witnessed some lawmakers leading people through the Capitol the day before the riot in what looked like a “reconnaissance” tour, and said members will be held accountable.Sherrill made her comments during a roughly 13-minute video on Facebook, where she addressed her constituents about the steps that Congress will take to hold President Trump and “those responsible” accountable for allegedly inciting the riot. “I also intend to see that those members of Congress who abetted him, those members of Congress who had groups coming through the capitol that I saw on Jan. 5 for reconnaissance for the next day. Those members of Congress who incited the violent crowd. Those members of Congress that attempted to help our president undermine our democracy, I’m going see that they’re held accountable,” Sherrill said.MEDICAL EXAMINER RELEASES GEORGIA MAN’S CAUSE OF DEATH AFTER CAPITOL RIOT
Rep. Mikie Sherrill, D-N.J., walks up the House steps for a vote in the Capitol on Thursday, Sept. 17, 2020. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)
The congresswoman didn’t name any of the lawmakers, or offer additional details into what qualified their actions to be “reconnaissance.” It’s not clear how she determined that the “reconnaissance” was connected to the riots the following day, according to Politico. Her office did not immediately respond to an after-hours email from Fox News.Sherrill also discussed why she voted for a resolution urging Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office. The measure passed late Tuesday (223-205) and was seen as symbolic because Pence has already said he would not take the action. The House is expected to vote to impeach the president Wednesday.Sherrill also detailed her account of what occurred on Jan 6, when Pro-Trump protesters stormed the Capitol, which sent Congress into recess and the Capitol building into lockdown — as members attempted to certify the results of the presidential election in favor of President-elect Joe Biden.FRESHMAN GOP LAWMAKER ADMITS HE’D FEEL SAFER IN CONGRESS WITH A WEAPON AFTER CAPITOL ATTACKOn Tuesday, the FBI and Department of Justice said that more than 170 people have been charged in connection with the riot at the Capitol. According to the paper, federal investigators have said that certain undisclosed evidence about what occurred inside the building will be “shocking.”CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”The men and women of the FBI will leave no stone unturned in this investigation,” Steven M. D’Antuono, the assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Washington field office, told reporters. “This is a 24/7 full-bore extensive operation into what happened that day.”Fox News’ Bradford Betz contributed to this report

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