Meryl Streep gushes over her 'Prom' costar Keegan-Michael Key

Meryl Streep gushes over her ‘Prom’ costar Keegan-Michael Key

The multiple Oscar winner tells People that she enjoyed playing a Broadway diva who finds a connection with Key’s high school principal character.”It was that thing where you’ve watched someone for so long and you’re a little bit in love with them,” Streep told the publication, adding, “Keegan — his talent is just so huge,” she says. “He’s funny, he’s gorgeous and he sings.”Streep said working alongside Key “was so much fun.” Ryan Murphy directed the Netflix film in which the two get to dance and sing. When Key heard Streep’s remarks, he joked, “I will pay you later, Meryl,” and added that he’s admired her too.”It really is that thing when you admire somebody from afar, you hold a place in your heart for them,” he said. “The Prom” centers around a group of dramatic Broadway stars who try to help a high school girl who is banned from her prom because her date is also a girl. The film is based on the 2018 Broadway musical, and stars Streep and Key along with Nicole Kidman, James Corden and Andrew Rannells.The Prom opens in select theaters and streams on Netflix on Friday.

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