Georgia county voting tech alleges 'disturbing' mishandling of ballots

Georgia county voting tech alleges ‘disturbing’ mishandling of ballots

An election integrity whistleblower in Georgia told “Fox & Friends” Tuesday she filed an affidavit and reached out to the secretary of state after witnessing several irregularities, including mail-in ballots being handled “haphazardly.”President Trump on Monday doubled down on accusations of voter fraud from the White House.”If you look at the polls, it was a rigged election,” Trump said. “You look at the different states, the election was totally rigged. It’s a disgrace to our country. It’s like a third world country, these ballots pouring in from everywhere, using machinery that nobody knows … you’ll see a lot of big things happening over the next couple of days.”TRUMP TEAM CONTINUES LEGAL FIGHT AS ELECTORAL COLLEGE ‘SAFE HARBOR’ DEADLINE ARRIVESBridget Thorne, a Fulton County voting technician, detailed the unsecured ballot handling she witnessed firsthand, including a “big concern” when early voting ballots arrived at the State Farm Arena and were not handled securely.”When they came in from the warehouse, they were haphazardly treated by anybody who wanted to dump the ballots out of the scanner tabulators,” Thorne explained, “and there was no oath administered. There weren’t two people present. People were just dumping them in suitcases and then leaving the suitcases on the floor and taking a break for dinner or just quitting the job.”She added, “I know how precious a ballot is. It’s someone’s vote and it was very disturbing for me to see that.”ARIZONA LEGISLATURE CLOSES AS TRUMP LAWYERS PUSH FOR SPECIAL SESSION TO PICK ELECTORSIn addition, Thorne explained she was trained as a poll tech and was hired to come to a warehouse to help election workers.”The 24 employees that normally work the warehouse were quarantined with COVID so they had Dominion software running the warehouse,” she said, alleging a “disorganized process” that had sample ballots indistinguishable from real ballots and claimed that “anybody would print … whatever ballots you wanted, not only test ballots.”Thorne said she was concerned about how sample ballots were being handled or discarded, as well as having the ACLU at the site for absentee ballots and having access to the voter database.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPBy the end of Tuesday, every state is expected to have made its election results official, awarding 306 electoral votes to President-elect Joe Biden and 232 to President Trump.Trump’s arguments have gone nowhere, as his campaign’s challenges to Biden victories in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania have been dismissed. A hearing in Wisconsin, another state Trump narrowly lost, is scheduled for later this week.Fox News’ Evie Fordham and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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