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Buratai Warns Army Generals Against Plotting Coup To Topple Democracy

Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, the Chief of Army Staff, has warned newly-promoted generals against plotting a coup to topple Nigeria’s democratically elected government.

Speaking on Friday during the decoration of 39 newly promoted major generals, he warned that the Nigerian army would not tolerate any coup plot.

General Buratai disclosed that some army generals were being approached by politicians, adding that the generals are being watched.

“Democracy has come to stay. We will not tolerate any agent of destabilization. The years of military misadventure in politics have never carried us anywhere. It is over,” he stated.

He added: “Do not hobnob with politicians. At this rank of two-star generals, do not lobby for appointment. If you want to lobby for appointment, lobby the Chief of Army Staff and you can only do this through hard work, discipline and loyalty.

“The crop of officers decorated will never be dragged into any interest that is contrary to the sustenance of democracy in our nation.



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