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Giuliani blames GOP legislators for letting down Trump as other court cases get dismissed

After weeks of failed lawsuits, the Trump campaign suffered another blow in a late Thursday-night Supreme Court decision rejecting the campaign’s efforts to reverse Pennsylvania’s election results.On Friday, the state’s GOP legislators also pointedly refused to “overturn [the] popular vote.”Rudy Giuliani, personal attorney to President Trump, reacted in a tweet Friday: “Republican Legislature let down America. I’m ashamed of them. They completely misled the President and me. All of us Republicans let them know what we think of them.”GOP LAWMAKERS ASK SCOTUS TO BLOCK FINAL CERTIFICATION OF PA VOTES COUNTGiuliani’s tweet followed days of sometimes contentious hearings in several states where the Trump campaign claims the election was stolen.Earlier this week, three state Senate Republicans and 29 House GOP members filed a resolution calling for Gov. Tom Wolfe to recall the election results.But after weeks of failed attempts to prove voter fraud and court dismissals, Pennsylvania GOP leaders on Friday said enough.Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman and Majority Leader Kim Ward, teamed up with House Speaker Bryan Cutler and Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff, all Republicans, and released a joint statement Friday declaring the resolution a non-starter.“The General Assembly lacks the authority to take action to overturn the popular vote and appoint our own slate of presidential electors,” said the joint statement. “While we clearly recognize the need for legislative action to address the issues presented by the 2020 General Election, some of the actions requested by our residents would require us to disregard the statutes and Constitution we have fought so hard to protect.”The statement followed Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s Thursday night decision to reject Trump ally, Pennsylvania GOP Rep. Mike Kelly’s request to deem mail-in voting unconstitutional and therefore “uncertify” all the votes cast by mail, reported The Philadelphia Inquirer.In Nevada, a judge on Friday dismissed the Trump campaign’s latest attempt to claim voter fraud, alleging 40,000 double votes and more than 1,500 votes by deceased individuals.Judge James Russell said in his decision, “Reasonable doubt is one based on reason, not mere possibility.”Giuliani pushed back on the Friday decision telling Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs that the judge “should assume that the evidence is true.”“He doesn’t have the ability at this stage to prove that it’s not true because he hasn’t really heard the whole thing,” Giuliani added.Russell had given Trump’s campaign attorney Jesse Binnall until 10 a.m. Friday to submit all evidence to support the campaign’s claims, which the Nevada GOP said on Twitter was in 20 binders.CLICK TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPRussell said he would not make a decision on the case until he saw all the evidence, but after reviewing it, he said in his decision, “Based on this testimony, the Court finds that there is no credible or reliable evidence that the 2020 General Election in Nevada was affected by fraud.”



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