Trevor Noah slams Democratic politicians as 'hypocrites' for ignoring their own coronavirus rules

Trevor Noah slams Democratic politicians as ‘hypocrites’ for ignoring their own coronavirus rules

Trevor Noah on Thursday blasted Democratic politicians for not practicing what they preach when it comes to the warnings they’ve issued amid the coronavirus pandemic.The “Daily Show” host ripped Democrats for acting “worse” than the Republican Party for turning a blind eye to the raging health crisis, which continues to surge across America, and beyond.The star showed news coverage of recent Democrats who have been called out for their obvious ignorance to the rules they’ve touted in their respective states.In recent weeks, San Francisco, Calif. Mayor London Breed, Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and Austin, Texas Mayor Steve Adler have all come under fire for going against their own states’ restrictions.”Of course, until there is a vaccine, it’s more important than ever to follow social distancing guidelines. Now, the good news is that a lot of politicians have been speaking out very clearly about the need for us in the public to stay safe. The bad news is that these politicians haven’t all been practicing what they preach,” Noah said.2021 GRAMMYS TAP ‘THE DAILY SHOW’ STAR TREVOR NOAH TO HOST
Trevor Noah blasted Democratic politicians on Thursday for ignoring their own coronavirus restrictions. He referred to them as ‘hypocrites.’
(Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)Earlier this week, Breed informed San Francisco residents that they should brace for more severe coronavirus restrictions despite reportedly dining at the upscale French Laundry restaurant in Napa County last month with a large group.In Denver, Hancock apologized to critics for boarding a flight to Mississippi to spend Thanksgiving with his family after advising Coloradans to hold “virtual gatherings” instead.Similarly, Adler recorded a video of himself urging the public to “stay home if you can” while he vacationed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. And Newsom came under fire in November after violating at least two of his state’s coronavirus rules by attending a 12-person birthday party – after urging Californians to only interact with members of their own household.SF MAYOR BREED WARNS ‘MORE RESTRICTIVE ACTION’ MAY COME TO CITY AFTER HER FRENCH LAUNDRY VISIT: REPORT”Oh man, come on what is it with these Democrats?” Noah said.
The host mocked Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom, referring to him as “Governor hair gel.”
(Daniel Kim/The Sacramento Bee via AP)”‘Hey everybody, this is your mayor here telling you to say home and stay safe. Do the right thing. All my boys in the pool know what I’m talking about! Say what’s up everybody!'” Noah mocked Adler. “I’m sorry man, everyone has given up their lives and then you’ve got these politicians who are just hypocrites out here. What? You guys think coronavirus respects your office too much to come after you? Because don’t forget, it got the President of the United States. It’s not going to be starstruck by Governor hair gel.”DENVER MAYOR ISSUES APOLOGY FOR TRAVELING OVER THANKSGIVING, IGNORING HIS OWN WARNINGSNoah said that while he understands Republican politicans are also to blame, he’s a bit more lenient about their behavior because it’s expected.
London Breed, mayor of San Francisco, was called out for reportedly attending a fancy dinner in Napa County with a large group after warning citizens about ‘severe’ restrictions to come in the city.
(David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images)”Yeah, everyone expects them to be doing this. The official Republican platform right now is just [coughing]. In fact, in a way these Dems are even worse than the anti-maskers — at least when those dudes break the rules they’re open about it. Anti-mask people are just walking into bars just breathing into each other’s faces,” he added.Noah also touched on the recent reports stating former Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton plan to get vaccinated for the coronavirus on live television when the vaccine becomes available.CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER”Now that is some presidential leadership: offering to get the vaccine on live TV before everybody else to boost public confidence,” said Noah.The TV host then quipped: “Also it’s a great way to sneak ahead to the front of the line. I see you Barry, yeah I see you, you and Bill and George snatching those first shots. No hate fellas, game recognizes game!”Noah also managed to poke some fun at President Trump, who recovered from COVID-19 prior to Election Day.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”Why hasn’t President Trump also offered to take the vaccines with these other presidents? He’ll also be a former president but don’t forget, he beat corona already so he’s immune,” he joked. “I’m actually glad Trump isn’t part of this event. You know he’d find a way to make things awkward.”

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