George Clooney on 2020 being a ‘pretty rotten year’

George Clooney on 2020 being a ‘pretty rotten year’

George Clooney, like many, is ready to chuck 2020 into a wastebasket.In reflection of the mounting blows 2020 has brought millions, the Oscar-winning performer is lamenting the “rotten” year and hopes the turn of the New Year will return a semblance of hope and growth among the world and in the country.“2020 was a pretty rotten year, all the way around,” Clooney told Yahoo! Entertainment while speaking about his upcoming Netflix film “The Midnight Sky.” “Starting with Kobe Bryant dying. It’s been one catastrophe after another,” he said. “And all the racial unrest with the George Floyd killing and Breonna Taylor. We’ve had all of these things that have just felt oppressive towards us. I see a lot of light at the end of these tunnels.”7 CELEBRITIES WHO HAVE RAISED MONEY FOR BIDENThe “Up in the Air” star has regularly steered clear of addressing political issues but many celebrities this year have felt compelled to lend their two cents on topics in which they feel can propel humanity forward.Clooney, 59, is among those in Hollywood who have toed the line this election cycle.GEORGE CLOONEY REVEALS HOPE FOR AMERICA’S FUTURE AFTER ITS ‘GREAT DEAL’ OF FAILURES: ‘YOU CAN’T GIVE UP’He joined former President Barack Obama for a virtual fundraiser for Joe Biden in July, and now the actor and philanthropist said he sees hope in the direction America is headed in given the victory Democrats secured in last month’s presidential election.“If you’re a Democrat, then it feels really good to have Jan. 20 coming around,” Clooney said of president-elect Biden’s forthcoming inauguration. “I’m excited to have someone who is in charge of our government that doesn’t call the press ‘the enemy of the people,’ quite honestly. I think it’s important that we move in that direction.”CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTER
George Clooney said 2020 has been a ‘pretty rotten year, all the way around.’
(Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP“We put ourselves in these situations, and we can get ourselves out of them,” Clooney added. “These are man-made problems so we can unmake them. I think Joe Biden is the right man. Sometimes the moment meets the man, and I think this might be his moment. I’m excited about it.”

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