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Aisha Describes Hisbah’s Black Friday ‘Notofication’ Letter As Disgrace

Nigerian activist, Aisha Yesufu has reacted to the letter of ‘Notofication’ sent to a radio station in Kano State by the State Hisbah Board over the tagging of Friday which is regarded as a holy day in Islam as ‘BLACK FRIDAY’.

we understand that the Islamic police were ridiculed by members of the public after the official letter appeared on social media and news platforms.

Reacting to the letter, Yesufu in a post on her verified Twitter account on Friday, November 27 described the Hisbah as a disgrace to Islam.

She questioned the Shariah Police if giving isn’t part of Islam. According to her, the Shariah police are not bothered about lives killed in the Northern part of the country but are concerned with the calling of Friday as ‘Black Friday’.

She tweeted: “What kind of disgrace is this? The Muslims that are being killed don’t matter, it is Friday that matters? Are we not black so what is wrong in having a black Friday? A glorious BLACK FRIDAY where you get goods at reduced price. Isn’t that giving? Isn’t giving out part of Islam?”

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