Oyo State Govt. Seal over Hotels, Banks, Other Businesses In The State, See Why

Six hotels, four commercial banks, three filling stations and seven other companies have been sealed off by the Oyo state Government, for defaulting in the payment of the state’s Land Use charges.

The government yesterday said this action was carried out in line with its Land Use Charge Revenue Demand Bill, its enforcement team sealed the affected outfits off, after they failed to fulfil their financial obligation to the state after several reminders.

Those affected were served bills for over 90 days in line with the obligation of the Land Use Charge.

According to the state government, most of the business outfits owed the state millions of naira.

Speaking on the issue, the Chairman, Board of Internal Revenue, John Adeleke, explained that the plan was to drive businesses in the state to be alive to their responsibilities.

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