Gunmen Kill One Person Near Kaduna Train Station

An attack by gunmen at Rigasa railway station in Kaduna State left one person dead on Friday night.

we understand that residents did not sleep last night, fleeing to the city with their families as a result of prolonged gun battles between gunmen and security forces.

Comrade Muntari Sale said the victim was buried and one was in hospital as a result of the shooting, while the men took hostage one person.

“They arrived around 8:00 pm on Friday night here on Turaki Street and because we were so close we ran downtown looking for shelter,” Muntari Sale said.

There is no short distance between the scene of the clash and the Rigasa railway station, where people flock to escape the kidnappers and travellers on the Abuja-Kaduna road.

Reports say the gunmen arrived on several motorcycles, smashing police vehicles

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