UK Invents Face Mask Which ‘kills COVID-19’

A face mask that “kills more than 90% of flu and coronavirus” has been invented by Gareth Cave, a scientist and nanotechnology expert at Nottingham Trent University.

Cave said the new masks are due to go into production in Nottingham late November, adding that he is hopeful that they will be commercially available from December.

Daily Mail reports that the face masks will be available for healthcare, transport and food service settings.

The anti-viral face covering features a fluid-repellent outer layer that reduces the inhalation of droplets that carry the disease.

The face mask features five layers, including an antiviral layer made of nano-copper.

“We’ve added the barrier layer to both sides of the mask so not only does it protect the wearer but also those around. By killing the virus on contact, it also means that the used face mask can be safely disposed of and not be a potential source of passive transfer.

“It’s exciting to see our technology move forward and make a real impact towards the fight against the spread of COVID-19.”

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