Kathie Lee Gifford has 'tough days' but says 'we're always more blessed than we are burdened'

Kathie Lee Gifford has ‘tough days’ but says ‘we’re always more blessed than we are burdened’

Kathie Lee Gifford hasn’t had the easiest year, much like many of her fans.The former TV host admitted she has had some “tough days” lately. Speaking to longtime pal Jill Martin on her holidays special on Peacock, Gifford recalled losing both of her parents, husband and most recently, Regis Philbin.”I lost both of my parents and my husband and dear friends and now Regis this past year, and if I concentrated, Jill, on all the loss … My eyes would be filled with so many tears, that I wouldn’t be able to even see the great blessing in front of me of a beautiful, cozy blanket, of a glass of wine, of slippers,” Gifford said.“You know, heat in my home. Just my family’s health. I mean that we’re always more blessed than we are burdened. I really do believe that.”KATHIE LEE GIFFORD IS STILL CLOSE WITH FRIEND MATT LAUER: ‘I BELIEVE IN REDEMPTION’KATHIE LEE GIFFORD RECALLS LAST MEETING WITH REGIS PHILBIN BEFORE HIS DEATHGifford, 67, also spoke about being open to finding love after the death of her husband, Frank Gifford, in 2015.”When people ask me, ‘Are you looking for love?’ my attitude has got to be, well, I’m not actively looking for it. I can’t go on websites, and you know, dating apps and all that kind of stuff,” Gifford shared.She also recalled the moment she met the NFL legend while working at “Good Morning America.”It was 4 a.m. and Gifford glanced over at “somebody in the dressing room” who had “the best set of buns I’ve ever seen in my life.”KATHIE LEE GIFFORD ON FAITH BEING ‘CENTRAL’ TO WHO SHE IS: ‘IT’S NOT A RELIGION TO ME, IT’S A RELATIONSHIP’
Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford are shown in 1992.
(AP)He was leaning over the sink putting in contact lenses.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”I was supposed to be in that hallway that day; he was supposed to be in that room, putting in contact lenses. We were supposed to be. And I’d rather anything that happens in my life for the rest of my life to be organic and authentic that way, too,” she said.

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