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Marjorie Taylor Greene takes on shutdowns, Fauci during first week in Washington

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia’s new 14th District congresswoman, arrived in Washington for freshman orientation immediately taking on mask mandates and coronavirus shutdowns in a preview of how the outspoken conservative Republican won’t shy away from a fight. Greene, a small business owner and first-time politician, called out the mask requirements at the nation’s Capitol, the closure of the hotel gym and COVID-19 restrictions during the transition for new members of Congress — slamming “Democrat tyrannical control.” The rules were in sharp contrast to the openness of her Rome, Ga., hometown where her family can regularly go to the gym, school, play sports and shop — all maskless, she said. As a new member of Congress, Greene said she will fight against any effort to require masks, mandate a vaccine or urge more lockdowns. She believes in personal choice and says the restrictions are hurting too many people economically and psychologically. DR. RONNY JACKSON, NEW TEXAS CONGRESSMAN, SAYS JOE BIDEN SHOULD HAVE COGNITIVE TEST LIKE TRUMP DID”I think it’s horrible what we’re doing to this generation of children with these mask mandates and these shutdowns,” Greene told Fox News.”I personally believe the best way to stimulate the economy is to open up and let people go to work,” added Greene, an ex-CrossFit competitor and former gym owner.
Rep.-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., right, joins others for a chat during a congressional orientation on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, Nov. 13, 2020. (Astrid Riecken/The Washington Post via AP, Pool)
Greene publicly tweeted her concerns, calling mask-wearing “oppressive.” Later Dr. Anthony Fauci said Greene’s stance was “really very disturbing.” Then Greene pounced on a Danish study that said mask-wearing didn’t make a statistically significant difference in contracting coronavirus. “Paging Dr. Fauci!” Greene tweeted Wednesday. Greene is no stranger to controversy. During her primary campaign, she was in the news for her past videos that expressed support for QAnon and “racist, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic views,” Politico uncovered, prompting House Republican leadership to distance itself from her. Greene said the rift was short lived and she’s been welcomed fully into the GOP caucus, tweeting a picture of her smiling next to GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., during congressional orientation.Still, as a congresswoman, she’s not interested in blending in. Rather, she routinely draws attention for making charged statements and social media postings that ruffle feathers and offend — from calling House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a “b—h” during her primary victory speech to posting a photo of herself holding a gun next to the images of House Democratic “Squad” members.BYRON DONALDS, NEW FLORIDA CONGRESSMAN, SAYS TRUMP’S ‘SWAG’ NETTED HIM BLACK VOTESGreene wants to hold Republicans accountable and to continue “pulling the party to the right.” She intends to join the conservative Freedom Caucus. Her goals include outlawing abortion, protecting gun rights and fighting “big tech censorship” of conservative viewpoints. (Greene is well-versed in having her tweets and Facebook posts flagged). Greene, who ran on stopping socialism, backing law enforcement and combatting Antifa, said Republicans picked up seats in the House because the left-wing agenda is failing.”I think Speaker Pelosi should see this as a wake-up call that their socialist policies are not resonating with Americans,” said Greene, the first Georgia Republican woman elected to a full term of Congress.DARRELL ISSA, ‘RECYCLED’ CONGRESSMAN FROM CALIFORNIA, DOUBTS KAMALA HARRIS’ BIPARTISANSHIP CAPABILITYWhile some of her fellow freshman classmates talk of building bridges and avoiding throwing firebombs, Greene views her role in Washington differently. “There is no way in hell I want to be in Congress if I’m not going to do exactly what I came here for,” Greene, a wife and mother of three, said. “I’m not worried about people’s opinions of me. I don’t care about articles written about me. I don’t need to feel accepted. I’m here literally to fight the fight. Because if I wasn’t here for that, I would be much happier at home, living my private, wonderful, beautiful life.”…I won’t back down and that’s what people can expect.”



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